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The London Mathematical Society Program on


The First Edition of the
Namibian International Spring School in Mathematics

Windhoek, Peter Katjavivi Lecture Hall, UNAM, October 23-27, 2022

Windhoek, Peter Katjavivi Lecture Hall, UNAM, October 23
3:00 pm

dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Rosemary Jane Katjavivi

"The President appointed Peter as the First Vice-Chancelloir of the University, and it was formally established on the day of my 40th Birthday"

"We make the connections, we search for the pattern and the meaning. And we call this God"


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The Official NAISSMA 2022 Tribute to Mrs. Rosemary Jane

The video tribute to Mrs. Rosemary Jane by UNAM Radio

The NAISSMA 2022 Opening Session, dedicated to the memory of Mrs Rosemary Jane Katjavivi, writer, Publisher (UNAM Press), activist for human rights and spouse of the Hon. Peter Katjavivi, Speaker of the Namibian National Assembly and first Vice-Chancellor of UNAM, 
has begun at 3:00 pm,

at the presence of His Excellency Peter Katjavivi, Speaker of the Namibian National Assembly

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  • 15:00 - Welcome to the Participants
  • 15:05 - Welcome Greetings from the Chair of the Department of mathematics of UNAM, Dr. Samuel Nuugulu
  • 15.10 - Prof. Martin Mugochi, UNAM partner of the LMS-MARM program
  • 15:15 - Prof. Giovanni Marelli, Director of NAISSMA 2022
  • 15:20 - Prof. Frednard Gideon, Pro-Vice Chancellor of UNAM
  • 15:30 - Prof. Frank Neumann, associate member of the European Mathematical Society CDC, and Chair of the
                LMS-IMU- AMMSI MARM program, will greet all the participèants in remote modality;
  • 15:40 - Greetings by H.E. Peter Katjavivi, First Vice-Chancellor of UNAM, Speaker of the Namibian National Assem
  • 16:00 - Greetings by the Honorary Counsul of Namibia in Italy, Dr. Petter Johannesen

  • 16:10 - Dr. Alessandro Micheletti, Italian Honorary Consul, Greetings and Welcome to the Participants;
  • 16:20 - Prof. Pierguido Sarti, Scientific AttachĂ© of the Italian Embassy in Pretoria, carrying the greetings of
                His Excellency the
    Ambassador Paolo Cuculi,
  • 16:30  - Dr. Albertina Ngurare, CEO of National Council for Research Science and Technology (NCRST), about the partnership
  • 16:35 -  Prof. Ndeyapo Martha Nickanor, Executive Dean, bringing the Greetings of Faculty of Agriculture,
               Engineering  & Natural Sciences - UNAM

  • 16:40  - Prof. Veikko Uahengo, Deputy Dean, UNAM, Greeting to participants;
  • 16:45  - Mrs. Loide Kapenda, Chief Education Officer, Namibian Ministry of Education, Director of the Educationa Section of
                 NAISSMA   2022.
  • 16:50  - Mrs. Meryl Barry, CEO of the Pupkewitz Foundation, Greeting Address;
  • 16:55  - Letterio Gatto, LMS-IMU-AMMSI-MARM Grant recipient and Politecnico di Torino, "LMS-MARM Program in Namibia, what
                 we did, what we will do"
  • 17:25  - Letterio Gatto  will conclude the NAISSMA 2022 Opening Session by introducing the General Lecture by

The Fields Medal is the most important prize in Mathematics. It is awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union, one of the sponsor institutions of NAISSMA 2022, on the occasion of the International Congress of Mathematicians, to two, three or four mathematicians not older than 40 years, for "Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics". We will tell about the most important among the 68 medallists and how they influenced the development of Mathematics from the middle of 20th Century up to now. The talk is aimed to a general audience including, especially, non professional mathematicians.

18:30 -
The NAISSMA 2022 Cocktail