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at the University of NAMIBIA
Academic Year 2020-2021

(grant holder: Letterio Gatto -- UNAm Marm referent: Martin Mugochi)

Research Project HiDEA
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The aim of the project is to investigate the interdisciplinary connections among the algebra, geometry, physics and combinatorics of Higher Derivations on Exterior Algebras.

HiDEA Seminar on

Multiplying exterior powers by matrices

by Ommolbanin Behzad

University of Isfahan

August 3, 2021, 2:00 pm (Windhoek time)

access via the zoom link:


Abstract. The easiest example of an exterior power of a vector space is the vector space itself, corresponding to the first degree of its exterior algebra. We will show how an exterior power of Kn is a module over the Lie algebra of the Kn×n matrices. To this purpose, we will compute a generating function encoding for the usual multiplication of matrices by vectors and we shall indicated how to perform the same kind of computation for higher exterior powers by using the notion of Schubert derivation. The talk requires a minimum of prerequisites from multilinear algebra.

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Meeting 005, 2020, September 30,

Exterior Algebras, Exterior Powers and Partitions

Synopsis: Partitions parametrise bases of the exterior powers. Young Diagrams of  partitions

Meeting 004, 2020, September 23,

Exterior Algebras associated to a Vector Space

Synopsis: The construction and the definition of the esterior algebra supported on the direct sum the exterior powers


Meeting 003, 2020, September 09

Towards Exterior Algebras through Exterior Powers

Synopsis: A quick recall on what a derivation of an R-algebra is. Exterior powers of a vector space are introduced through examples and  exercises to get familiar with the notion.

Meeting 002, 2020, September 02,

Associative Algebras, Lie Algebras. Definitions and Examples.

Synopsis: A quick revision of the notion of algebras over a commutative ring.                                      


Meeting 001, 2020, August 25,

An introduction to Hasse-Schmidt Derivations on algebras in general and proposal/description of possible research directions (Notes)


Some References
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